Dining Room Table Hardware

dining room table hardware

    dining room
  • dining room: a room used for dining

  • A room in a house or hotel in which meals are eaten

  • A dining room is a room for consuming food. In modern times it is usually adjacent to the kitchen for convenience in serving, although in medieval times it was often on an entirely different floor level.

  • The Dining Room is a play by the American playwright A. R. Gurney. It was first produced in New York, New York at the Studio Theatre of Playwrights Horizons, opening January 31, 1981.

  • Tools, machinery, and other durable equipment

  • (computer science) the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computer system

  • The machines, wiring, and other physical components of a computer or other electronic system

  • Tools, implements, and other items used in home life and activities such as gardening

  • major items of military weaponry (as tanks or missile)

  • instrumentalities (tools or implements) made of metal

  • a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"

  • postpone: hold back to a later time; "let's postpone the exam"

  • Postpone consideration of

  • Present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting

  • a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"

French Country Oak Table - Before

French Country Oak Table - Before

The table is finished in polyurethane and will require chemical stripping as well as sanding.

French Country Oak Table - Before

French Country Oak Table - Before

Rupert is thinking, "Hey, I can reach the chandelier now!"

dining room table hardware

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Folding Tables Chairs

folding tables chairs

    folding tables
  • A trestle table is an item of furniture comprising two or three trestle supports linked by a longitudinal cross-member over which a board or tabletop is placed.

  • (chair) a seat for one person, with a support for the back; "he put his coat over the back of the chair and sat down"

  • Carry (someone) aloft in a chair or in a sitting position to celebrate a victory

  • Act as chairperson of or preside over (an organization, meeting, or public event)

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  • (chair) professorship: the position of professor; "he was awarded an endowed chair in economics"

Black cypress table and chairs

Black cypress table and chairs

Custom table with folding cypress chairs, painted midnight black.

- FifthroomMarkets.com

folded chairs tables covent Garden london 21st August 2010 9:07.06am

folded chairs tables covent Garden london 21st August 2010 9:07.06am

folded chairs tables covent Garden london 21st August 2010 9:07.06am

folding tables chairs

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Frosted glass end table. Solid oak pub table

Frosted Glass End Table

frosted glass end table

    frosted glass
  • Glass used for light bulbs that has been roughened or treated with a spray on coating (See IF), for the purpose of diffusing light. (See Diffusion).

  • Glass with a white translucent surface resulting from sandblasting or etching.

  • Frosted glass, or opaque glass, is produced by the sandblasting or acid etching of clear sheet glass. It has the effect of rendering the glass translucent by scattering of light during transmission, thus blurring images while still transmitting light.

    end table
  • (End tables) Usually bought in pairs, they accent the style of the coffee table or other furniture. Usually placed at the end of the sofa, it is a very important piece of a living room set.

  • (End tables) are small tables typically placed beside couches or armchairs. Often lamps will be placed on an end table.

  • A table is a type of furniture comprising an open, flat surface supported by a base or legs. It may be used to hold articles such as food or papers at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting, and is therefore often used in conjunction with chairs.

10 Things - The Injury Report

10 Things - The Injury Report

183/365 If you've been around Flickr and/or my account, you know about getting tagged for the 10 Things game. You get tagged, you post a selfie and 10 facts/things about yourself. Usually Fish and I tag each other back and forth as we get tagged. Fish got tagged this time and I pretty much knew that meant I was too. So I decided to do another themed 10 Things.

The theme I'm working with this time is injuries. As some of you know, I used to be an athlete. I was extremely active for a little over 20 years. I also used to be on the other side of the table with my Sports Medicine degree. So I got to play both sides of that coin. I'll be doing this by region, so here we go:

1) Skin - Climbing and Judo often had a cheese grater effect on the skin, especially the knuckles. Add to that the Spray-crete texture on the local climbing gym's walls and you really start to lose some serious skin. I have little scars on a lot of my knuckles from all the skin I left on those walls.

2) Ankles - My ankles have more snap, crackles and pops than a box of rice krispies. High ball landings off of climbs and repeated landings from my demonstration jumps are the main culprits. They really compress the joint and stress the hell out of it. I'll also add in 8 miles of hiking on a pretty decent sprain that I did on an overnight camp in Long's Boulderfield. Woke up early the next morning, hit the summit then hoofed it back out. That last part is pretty much required.

3) My Right Knee - I messed that up practicing high sidekicks one day at TKD practice. I felt the kick go out and my upper leg stop. Then my lower leg felt like it kind of floated out just a little more. I further injured the knee while performing a deep drop knee on a roof section of a climb. What happens is that the face kicks back until your back is parallel to the ground. To keep your body in close to the wall, you place your toe on a hold then rotate your leg until your heel is nested near your hip and your knee is pretty much pointed in the general direction of your other foot. Did it once and felt my knee go really lax. :(

4) Shins - During high school, I tried running track when I moved to the Midwest and found out they don't have lacrosse here. During one of our conditioning days, I was using the leg press on a universal machine to do single leg calf work. I was too busy talking to realize I put both feet on the pedals and pushed waaay too hard. The pedals flew out, my legs dropped and the pedals came cruising right back onto my shins. We all thought there were breaks. Amazingly, the x-rays came back negative. We were all surprised.

5) Right Hand - My right hand is my, well, right hand. It is my main breaking/hitting hand too. It is conditioned to be denser and harder than the average person's hand. It has gone through wood, brick, concrete, ice and drywall, to name a few. Now it cracks and creaks and pops. When it gets really cold out, it seizes up. Coincidentally, I also have frost nip in the distal end of my middle finger. On a cold day, it will turn greyish and waxy. I have to work hard to keep it warm and alive. That's what happens on those long cold hikes to class in Ames, IA.

6) Wrists - Just like my ankles, horribly noisy due to bad landings and bad hits . I rotate my wrists and they snap.

7) Shoulders - Judo, Hapkido and climbing all have taken their toll. Bad joint locks and throws and bad landings on throws. Stressing the heck out of the joints and supporting muscular structures with campusing and dynos while training for climbing. Yeah, no help had anywhere on that list and joint health. :P

8) Back - There's the standard environmental causes, sitting at a computer/desk anyone? I'll pile on a few 15 foot falls right onto my back while climbing. One while ice climbing up in Iowa. When my tools popped, one got me in the forehead and I fell to the frozen creek bed below. The other time was while bouldering in Red River Gorge, KY. My hold popped and I was bouncing off the ground and into a tree behind me head first. I don't get immobilized but my back does get tight every so often to the point that it is hard for me to work on myself.

9) Neck - This is another Judo/Hapkido injury site. Play around with a green or blue belt in the throwing arts and you find out why. It isn't hard to get dumped on your noggin and crank your neck around. Now it snaps and pops too. :P

10) Head - In addition to the head hits I've already mentioned (Do I really need anything past taking an ice axe adze to the forehead?), there's all of the times I've been kicked or punched in the head, A LOT. The upshot to all of this? At least I know I don't have a glass jaw. :)

So there you go, 10 Things, the Injury Report. I've been amazingly lucky in my life that I've never had a verified break or knock out. I'm probably also lucky to still be alive after some close calls while climbing and being stupid.

November 19

November 19

Oh Piri-Piri
Sauce, so spicy and fragrant!
Nice to have you home.

This may require a brief explanation.

Last time we saw this bottle (probably not this *exact* bottle) in my photoblog, it was sitting on a table at Luzia's, the nearby Portuguese restaurant that Julie and I sometimes frequent. I have always loved this particular home-made (it seems) concoction involving red pepper flakes and what is probably olive oil. I've even asked and been given some to take home in a small take-out coffee-cup in outings past.

Well, last Sunday, after an open-house on West 90th that was promisingly quirky (it had an entire hallway that was essentially a deconstructed bathroom—toilet, an open-shower with separate bathtub, then washer-dryer; each behind its own set of sliding frosted glass doors; the entire hallway floor was tiles), we headed down and ate at Luzia's. After some early beverage negotiations with our exuberant waitress, I ended up ordering a half-pitcher of sangria—which turned out to be quite a lot of sangria indeed.

Long story short, by the end of it, it suddenly occurred to me that this bottle sitting on the table would make a truly excellent addition to the pantry. And when I tried to pinch the bottle, Julie reprimanded me loudly. Apparently I was giggling or something. Still, not to be deterred, I deftly—and I use that word loosely—swung it under my jacket, and scooted out the door, hand over my mouth like a fourth grade schoolgirl who just stole a peanut butter cup from the local candy store.

So what does that have to do with today? Today I broke it out and used it on both my tuna salad pasta for lunch, and my otherwise very mediocre foot-long Subway Club. It turned both meals into delicious and satisfying treats!

And I'm not ashamed of my ill-deed. I consider this misdemeanor crime a sort of matzoh-ball soup for the soul. In other words, both pleasurable and slightly guilt-ridden. Besides, like Holly Golightly says, you've got to steal from the five and dime once-in-a-while, just to keep your hand in it.

And now, I'm afraid, I most likely won't be able to run for public office.

Your loss.

frosted glass end table

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Italian Console Tables

italian console tables

    console tables
  • A table supported by ornamented brackets, either movable or fixed against a wall

  • Tables made for fixing against a wall and having no legs at the back. They came into fashion early in the eighteenth century, and were made often in pairs.

  • a native or inhabitant of Italy

  • Of or relating to Italy, its people, or their language

  • of or pertaining to or characteristic of Italy or its people or culture or language; "Italian cooking"

  • the Romance language spoken in Italy

entrance to master bedroom

entrance to master bedroom

The furniture is Italian and French. The molded, carved gilt wood floor screen, console table and large mirror are all Florentine, 17th century. The arm chair is Louis XV (1715-1774) and the wing back chair is Louis XVI (1774-1793). The statuettes on the mantle are Italian 18th century, French. On the far wall are two Japanese scroll watercolors. Fur throw on bed is vicuna. The ornately carved bed, quite large for the Penn's time, was not an antique when the Penn's purchased it from a friend but was made in Italy.

Il Villino Rosa: Entry Console Table

Il Villino Rosa: Entry Console Table

Antique Italian Marble!

Photo: Jennifer Cheung and Steven Nilsson

italian console tables

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Light Oak Table. Dining Large Room Table

Light Oak Table

light oak table

    light oak
  • Light Oak is a census-designated place (CDP) in Cleveland County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 779 at the 2000 census.

  • Postpone consideration of

  • postpone: hold back to a later time; "let's postpone the exam"

  • a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"

  • Present formally for discussion or consideration at a meeting

  • a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"

light oak table - Tiki Bar

Tiki Bar Pool Table Light: Oak

Tiki Bar Pool Table Light: Oak

Looking to add to your festive tiki bar dcor? This fun pool table light is the perfect overhead lamp. With a solid hardwood frame that's handcrafted and stained in the color of your choice, it's nice and sturdy. It's the brightly colored backlit acrylic panels that make it fun, though. There's just something about the lighting it gives off that makes you want to hang out and relax! Features: Handcrafted frame made of solid hardwood using tongue and groove joinery. Choose from 5 available finishes. Vibrant backlit graphics are digitally printed directly on the acrylic panels. 4 standard bulbs provide up to 260 watts of illumination. Lamp is hardwired for overhead installation. Must be converted for plug in applications. Made in the USA. . Specs: Dimensions: 42"L x 12"H x 17"D. Ships within 3 business days. Manufacturer's Warranty: 60 day warranty against manufacturer defects. Includes: (1) 6' Cord. (1) Ceiling canopy. (1) Chain kit.

85% (12)

Home Diner Slimline Pool Table

Home Diner Slimline Pool Table

Installation of Home Diner Slimline Pool Table in light oak finish with blue cloth

Photo shows table set up as a dining table

Home Diner Slimline Pool Table

Home Diner Slimline Pool Table

Installation of Home Diner Slimline Pool Table in light oak finish with blue cloth

light oak table

light oak table

Pool Table Light Box Style Rack Em Oak Stain

This Pool Table Light has the traditional box style look and features a hardwood frame with a beautiful oak stain to compliment your billiard table. It has a bright backlit graphic that will define the atmosphere in your game room. The cool Ball Rack image is digitally printed on an acrylic panel. It uses 4 standard bulbs to provide 260 watts of illumination to your playing surface. All hardware is included for installation. Light up the pool room with a design that fits your style. This pool table light features: Solid hardwood construction Dimensions: 42" x 17" x 12" Made in the USA Backlit digitally printed acrylic panels Four bulb fixture 6' Cord for hardwire Ceiling canopy and chain kit

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