Wood night tables - 30 inch round coffee table - Console tables with shelves.

Wood Night Tables

wood night tables

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Jack Daniel's table top

Jack Daniel's table top

This honking monster took an entire night to complete. It was a commission for my brother, who also has my Guinness bar stool too. The proportion of the table was a bit different to the image he gave me, so I had to grid it out first, chalk an outline, then paint it all. Turned out nicely and he enjoys using it as a beer pong table. It's made of wood, paint, and has a poly coat that's safe for food usage.
Jack Daniel's logo © Jack Daniel's
Table awesomeness © me

midnight knights of the octagon table

midnight knights of the octagon table

Steve, Baird and Victor at the old picnic table in the park near Baird's parents' townhouse in the posh DC suburb of McLean, Virginia. At three o'clock in the morning, the flash doesn't go very far. Quandary for the curious: what's with the apple on the table?

wood night tables

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